Tax Preparation in
Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan

It is never too early to begin looking for the right tax preparation service for tax season. You never know, you might find yourself stumbling from one incompetent retail tax service to the next. By the time you find the right one, tax season might already be well underway. To save yourself some headaches, why not put your trust in Rescue Housing, Inc.? We’re the most-trusted and efficient tax preparation team throughout Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

Rescue Housing, Inc. does more than prepare your taxes. Being community-oriented, we make it our mission to provide our clients with financial advice and strategic solutions to help reduce unnecessary tax burdens. While other tax preparation services would prefer to withhold their coveted knowledge of tax management and financial systems, Rescue Housing, Inc. believes in educating our clients.

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Income Tax Preparation Services by Rescue Housing, Inc.

Have you felt misrepresented or even swindled by past accountants and tax services? Unfortunately, there are many careless tax accountants in the area. There are even predatory ones, too.

The team at Rescue Housing, Inc., however, is always on your side. Whether you’re a single adult, self-employed, retired, or married, Rescue Housing, Inc. will always advocate for your best interests. In an effort to remain true to this promise, we work to stay up to date with the most current federal and New York State tax laws. Full government compliance is but one of our many concerns.

Rescue Housing, Inc.’s tax preparation services will ensure that you receive the tax return that you’re entitled to. If you’d like, we’ll even walk you through our processes step-by-step.

Some of our tax and accounting services include (but are not limited to):

  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Balance Sheet Preparation
  • Income Tax Preparation
  • Monthly Ledger Reviews for Small Businesses
  • On-Call Consultations

Last-Minute Tax Preparation in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan

What separates Rescue Housing, Inc. from the rest? Our approach is tailored to your needs. We work hard to understand your family or your company’s financial goals, and always provide thorough consultations and explanations. Would you like to financially prepare yourself for retirement? Do you need advice on how to deal with the Internal Revenue Service? Whatever the case, Rescue Housing, Inc. can help you.

Tax Services for Small Businesses in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan

Our years of experience has afforded us the privilege of even assisting small business owners with their taxes. Small businesses are the backbones of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, and we feel honored to serve them.

Our certified accountants can help you establish diligent filing procedures to better manage your company’s growth. These organizational approaches will benefit you in many ways. With your finances in order, your business will look more legitimate to investors, banks, creditors, and potential shareholders. While investors like a successful company, they much prefer a successful company that is serious about their taxes and financial planning.

Would you like to hear more about our tax preparation services? Call the professional accountants at Rescue Housing, Inc. today. We’re the company who cares about community.

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